Defend Your Network

Employees are the first and best line of defense. Are yours trained to protect your valuable digital assets?

User Training

Should a staff member fall for a simulated phishing attempt they will be automatically enrolled in a training course designed to quickly get them up to speed. Progress tracking and management reporting is included.

Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Does your staff know how to spot a phishing email? One click is all it takes to bring your business to its knees. Simulated phishing campaigns are a harmless yet powerful way to gauge the efficacy of your staff.

On-site Workshops

CharSec offers on-site workshops tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to ensure your staff has a strong baseline or training in the latest advanced threats, CharSec offers hour-long, half-day, and full-day bespoke in-person training

Our Company

Charsec’s mission is simple: Help as many companies as possible avoid falling prey to ransomware and other security nightmares.

Security awareness training has proven to be one of the most effective means of thwarting malicious activity. Empower your staff to make the right decisions and avoid preventable downtime. Simulated phishing campaigns provide real-world insight into the effectiveness of awareness training. Know without doubt which staff members can spot a malicious email at a glance and who needs more training. Never again waste valuable time and productivity training staff that don’t need it.

Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Harmless yet effective. Simulated phishing campaigns will let you know exactly who on your staff needs training.

User Training

Staff members who click through on Charsec’s phishing campaign are automatically enrolled in a concise training course.

On-site Workshops

Need to get your staff up to speed quickly? Prefer in-person training? Our certified Instructors provide 1-hour, half-day, and full-day workshops.

Dark Web Scanning

Is your proprietary or personal information available on the dark web? Enjoy a peace of mind with Charsec’s Deep Web Scan.

Industry Compliance

HIPAA, PCI, CJIS, GDRP…Charsec has extensive experience testing for, and ensuring compliance across a myriad of domains.


Have doubts about your current threat management appliances? Advanced security appliance auditing and configuration will ensure your network is protected.

See how CharSec can help your business.

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